Travel English - a language course put right in your hands

New: Award-winning web videos for language learning as a mobile app for iPhone.

The mobile video language learning application "Travel English" from LinguaTV offers users a wonderful opportunity to improve their English on the go. The app covers various language skills, such as listening comprehension, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. With LinguaTV the process of learning a foreign language becomes a lively, effective, and entertaining experience.

Version 2.0 of the mobile video language course "Travel English" from LinguaTV is now available as an app at the iTunes App Store. Top video courses, comprised of fun videos and engaging interactive exercises, have been specially optimized for mobile use. To increase user benefit, the app’s new version was further expanded to include an extensive vocabulary training tool. iPhone users can now watch these authentic conversation situations any time and anywhere they choose, picking up additional important words and phrases with flash card technology that enables individualized and targeted learning.

Learn English with Short Stories
The English course "Travel English" consists of a number of entertaining short stories, which can be bought individually and as a convenient in-app-purchase directly within the mobile application. The prize-winning series "Travel English," already available as a browser-based course on www.linguatv.com, draws the user into the fascinating world of international travel. Its short story focuses on Tom Sanders during his business trip to New York. It’s his first time in “The Big Apple,” so he not only has questions about room amenities and hotel services, but also needs recommendations about attractions and restaurants. The user accompanies  Tom during his check-in at the hotel, and goes along while he dines at a restaurant. These authentic situations quickly and efficiently prepare the user for a similar journey abroad. In this way, learning English becomes fun!

Comprehensive learning opportunities with a focus on usability

Each LinguaTV app includes entertaining videos with authentic conversation situations, a variety of interactive exercises, an interactive vocabulary and pronunciation tool with the most important words, a "Flashcard Box," a management system for storing and targeted repetition of individual words.

What makes the app particularly user-friendly is that all learning content (incl. all videos) are completely contained within it. Learning with the LinguaTV app is extremely convenient. The user can access its mobile content anytime, anywhere without an internet connection (except for downloading). Due to the small amount of data download necessary, the app also works fine with a UMTS connection.

The hands-on content and modular design are ideal for regular practice. Whether traveling or at work, ... with LinguaTV’s mobile language learning application “learning on demand" is a reality.

LinguaTV’s new language learning app is now available at the iTunes Store.

For more information about the LinguaTV mobile language learning apps please read here

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