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    Business English

    English    B1-B2     22 Lessons      approx. 1700 Exercises  

    Practice your Business English for your everyday working life with authentic conversations and interactive exercises!


    Maria Martinez is hired as an assistant to the CEO of the flourishing fashion company "Purple Fashion" in New York. She soon gets the chance to put her skills to the test. Together with her colleagues, she introduces you to a number of different areas of business, such as marketing, distribution, finances, human resources, purchasing and administration.

    The authentic and entertaining situations offer you the unique chance to quickly and efficiently build up your English to a level where you can use it confidently in your everyday work. With this course you'll simply have fun learning Business English!

    Quick Facts

    • 22 lessons with over 50 videos: dramatic videos, video tutorials and role-plays
    • Vocabulary trainer
    • Approx. 84 hours of learning
    • Over 1700 interactive exercises and learning games, such as crosswords, video quizzes, dialogues for speaking practice and more
    • Authentic scenarios and relevant vocabulary
    • Subtitles and transcripts to aid understanding
    • Integrated online dictionary
    • Learning resources available for download

    Suitable for:

    • Participants with intermediate level English skills
    • Employees working in all areas of responsibility, particularly marketing, distribution, finances, human resources, purchasing, administration, and others
    • Management and trainee-management staff with international responsibilities
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