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    German Grammar A1

    ألماني    المستوى الأول     18 الدروس      حوالى 900 تمارين  

    Learn and practice grammatical structures with this basic grammar course for beginners.


    In this basic grammar course (A1) you can practice your grammar competencies separate from any content, therefore there is no prior knowledge of vocabulary required. You can enlarge and deepen your knowledge with our tutorials and practice with our exercises. Learn German grammar step by step through clear demonstrations in illustrative videos and practice your new knowledge with interactive exercises. No matter if you would like to use the course to find answers to specific questions or to study German grammar in general - after this course you will feel more confident in using elementary grammar structures of German.


    • Verbs
    • Questions and Question Tags
    • Pronouns, Nouns and Articles
    • Sentences and Clause Linkages
    • Adverbs
    • Plural
    • Negation
    • Imperative
    • Past Tense: "Perfekt"
    • Cases: Nominative, Akkusative, Dative, Genitive

    Suitable for: Beginners without previous knowledge

    حقائق سريعة

    • 18 Grammar-Units with tutorials from both A1 courses
    • about 59 study-hours
    • more than 900 interactive exercises and games
    • relevant vocabulary
    • option of showing or hiding subtitles and transcripts
    • integrated online dictionary
    • Grammar overview available as download
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