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    German for Upper Beginners 2.2

    German    A2     18 Lessons      approx. 1400 Exercises  

    Improve your German with original videos, grammatic tutorials and many exercises.


    Katja and Alex are becoming closer. Who knows, maybe Alex will turn out to be a true prince who saves Katja from dangerous situations?
    Between magical encounters, however, the two are still confronted with everyday situations that are sometimes more or less encouraging: On the up side, there is some cooking and a pleasant interview for Katja. On the down side, join Alex as he experiences that when dining in a restaurant anything can happen...
    You can also find out what about a fridge betrays a person's character!
    In part two of the A2 course you will learn new grammatical structures and relevant vocabulary.

    Suitable for: Participants with low/basic German skills.

    Quick Facts

    • 18 lessons with dramatic videos
    • Approx: 68 hours of learning
    • Over 1400 interactive exercises and learning games, such as crosswords, video quizzes, and many more
    • Authentic scenarios and relevant vocabulary
    • Subtitles and transcripts to aid understanding, which can be shown or hidden from view
    • Integrated online dictionary just a double-click away
    • Learning resources available for download
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