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Why LinguaTV for Private customers?

With LinguaTV you will learn all the linguistic knowledge you need.

Fast and Effective

The LinguaTV method guarantees effective language learning and quick success - confirmed by customers and experts alike.

Immediately applicable

With our LinguaTV videos you can acquire the language skills that meet your needs and put them straight into practice - ideal for your professional life as well as for leisure and travel.

Very High Quality

Designed and implemented by experts - based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) - and recommended for the preparation for examinations and official certificates.

Modular & flexible learning

The LinguaTV method makes language-learning flexible - offering you a customizable, round the clock curriculum - with countless opportunities for repetition.

Measurable Success

With the LinguaTV Dashboard you can monitor your progress and analyse your linguistic competence at any time, as well manage the pace at which you learn.

Best Value for Money

For the cost of one lesson you receive a whole month's access to all of our language learning materials (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

Our most popular courses

English 4 for Intermediate (B2)
This course helps you to improve your English in a specific way.
Spanish 1.1 (A1) for Beginners 1.1 (A1)
With LinguaTV you can learn Spanish in a fun way.
Italian for Beginners 1.1 (A1)
Learning Italian with LinguaTV means hearing, seeing and speaking Italian.

Customer Recommendations

My students were enthusiastic about being able to work at their own pace. Learning with videos improved both their aural and oral skills while the wide variety of exercises catered for different learning styles.
Prof. Helen Bicknell
Fresenius University
The videos provide very good and important knowledge of the English language and portray clearly how employees should communicate in a professional way with our guests.
Christian Siejock
Director HR
InterContinental Hotels
I was surprised by how easy you can learn German using LinguaTV. The grammar is very well explained, and the authentic videos are helpful in order to learn vocabulary and how to deal with everyday situations.
Student, Berlin