Effective language training

for your employees

Why choose LinguaTV for your company?

With LinguaTV your employees learn languages quickly and effectively.

Ideal training solutions

LinguaTV's modular approach allows for a customized combination of training methods and learning content, including company-specific language courses, and guarantees improvement of all language skills.

Achieve learning goals faster

The innovative LinguaTV method guarantees more effective language training, as the unique blended learning concept ensures at least 20% better and faster learning results.

Mobile and flexible

Thanks to lessons via video conference, telephone or on-site, multimedia self-learning courses (via app or browser) and personal support from experienced coaches, all target groups can take part in language training – regardless of time, location and device.

High quality standards

From anonymized to personalized, the LinguaTV dashboard provides transparent and detailed analysis of engagement and learning progress to guide training efforts.

Measurably better learning success

With the LinguaTV Dashboard you can monitor your progress and analyse your linguistic competence at any time, as well manage the pace at which you learn.

Easy & affordable administration

With convenient administration, you realize significant time and cost savings – even with larger numbers of participants. Simple and SCORM-compatible LMS integration is also possible.

The LinguaTV Method

The unique blended learning concept ensures at least 20% better learning results!

Multimedia self-study course

  • Exciting videos
  • Grammar tutorials
  • Interactive exercises
  • Vocabulary trainer
  • Direct feedback
  • Learning Analytics
  • via app or browser

+ Coaching option
(individual learning support)

Virtual classroom

  • Lessons via videoconference
  • Experienced language trainers
  • Customized curriculum
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Blended learning concept
  • Integrates seamlessly with the self-study course

Our Services

Virtual Classroom

Our modern learning platform also offers individual language training (single and group classes) with experienced, mother-tongue teachers from around the world. These lessons are easily scheduled and not restricted by location. They provide the perfect solution to quickly and effectively improving your confidence and ability to communicate fluently in English, and of course in other languages too.

Face to Face

Course participants can also receive private tuition on site from our experienced language teachers. Our Blended Learning Concept, consisting of the seamless integration of our web-based resources and classroom teaching, focuses on the essentials and provides success-oriented tuition, leaving the participants free to concentrate on pronunciation and communication in the relevant language.

Self-study courses

Our innovative and value-for-money language courses provide relevant content, that will motivate and inspire your employees. Our exciting videos, interactive exercises, games and tests cover over 200 personal and professional situations. Our proven curriculum, based on the CEFR, ensures the highest standards, and, thanks to a realtime analysis of their learning progress, your employees and personnel departments will always be able to see that they are on course for success.


You can also make use of the support of experienced tutors who can further motivate the course participants by setting clear goals, monitoring progress and helping them to overcome any obstacles. Studies show that the return on investment of E-Leaning can be up to three times higher when combining it with tutoring.


My students were enthusiastic about being able to work at their own pace. Learning with videos improved both their aural and oral skills while the wide variety of exercises catered for different learning styles.
Prof. Helen Bicknell.
Fresenius University
The videos provide very good and important knowledge of the English language and portray clearly how employees should communicate in a professional way with our guests.
Christian Siejock
Director HR
InterContinental Hotels
I was surprised by how easy you can learn German using LinguaTV. The grammar is very well explained, and the authentic videos are helpful in order to learn vocabulary and how to deal with everyday situations.
Student, Berlin