Effective language training

for your students

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Why LinguaTV for educational establishments?

With LinguaTV your students learn languages quickly and effectively.

Exploit Blended Learning

Enrich your teaching with professional videos. Use our supplementary teaching materials to create your own Blended Learning curriculum.

Simple Administration

Simple Administration with our Learning Management System (LMS) - even with a larger number of participants.

Measurable Success

With the LinguaTV Dashboard, in conjunction with the LinguaTV Group Function, you have immediate access to the progress of your students.

Very High Quality

Designed and implemented by experts - based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) - and recommended for the preparation for examinations and official certificates.

Immediately applicable

With LinguaTV the participants acquire the language skills that meet their needs and can put them straight into practice - ideal for their studies as well as for preparation for their business career.

Modular and Flexible Learning

The LinguaTV method makes language-learning flexible - offering your students a customizable, round the clock curriculum - with countless opportunities for repetition.

Our most popular courses

Business English (B1/B2)
Learn Business English from authentic situations and interactive exercises!
English 4 for Intermediate (B2)
This course will help you to improve your English in a very specific way.
Business German (B1/B2)
An ideal course for everyone who wants to learn Business German.


My students were enthusiastic about being able to work at their own pace. Learning with videos improved both their aural and oral skills while the wide variety of exercises catered for different learning styles.
Prof. Helen Bicknell
Head of Language Dept.
Private University Fresenius
We have only got a very positive feedback and our customers are really enthusiastic about the great variety of exercises. They learn faster and more effective with LinguaTV.
Anke Hindrichs-Kotthaus
Owner of Private Language School
The response of my clients has been very good. The students find the videos highly beneficial!
Brent Simpson
Business English Trainer at Private Language School