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    German Grammar B2

    German    B2     16 Lessons      approx. 800 Exercises  

    Use this course to bring your knowledge about German grammar to an advanced level and feel confident in using grammatical structures.


    With the help of numerous exercises and appealing tutorials you can deepen and perfect your knowledge about German grammar. Use various opportunities of practice and use German grammar as if it was your first language! Enjoy!


    • Tenses: Future Tense I, Future Tense II, Past Tense: Präteritum, Past Perfect Tense: Plusquamperfekt
    • Passive: Statal Passive, Processual Passive
    • Verbs: regular & irregular verbs, separable prefix verbs, "werden" (to become), combination of nouns with certain verbs
    • Demonstrative Pronouns and Prepositional Pronouns
    • Adjectives: Comparative & Declination
    • Sentences: Comparative Clauses, Optative Clauses, Relative Clauses, Connectors
    • Subjunctive I and Subjunctive II
    • Cases: Genitive, Dative, Accusative
    • Subordinate Clauses and Infinitive Clauses
    • N-Declination
    • Prepositions: local and temporal
    • Progressive Form
    • Reported Speech

    Suitable for: Learners of German who have knowledge on an intermediate level

    Quick Facts

    • 16 Grammar Units with tutorials from both B2 courses
    • about 53 study hours
    • more than 800 interactive exercises and games
    • relevant  vocabulary
    • option of showing or hiding subtitles and transcripts
    • integrated online dictionary
    • Grammar overview available as download
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