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    Vocabulary trainer: French for IT

    French    B1-B2     9 Lessons      approx. ca. 1300 Exercises  

    Improve communication with your customers and colleagues and expand your French IT vocabulary.


    The LinguaTV Vocabulary Trainer "French for IT" prepares you for various situations in your professional life. The vocabulary is divided into 9 subject areas and is complemented by audio recordings and illustrative example sentences.

    The mobile LinguaTV app also gives you the opportunity to improve your pronunciation.

    Level: B1-B2

    This vocabulary trainer is translated into the following languages: English, German, Italian, Arabic

    Quick Facts

    9 thematic units on the professional field IT with approx. 500 vocables
    audio recordings
    approx. 500 practice-relevant example sentences
    more than 1,300 interactive exercises
    also available on mobile (LinguaTV app)

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    Try out a lesson from our course and get an impression of how our training programmes work and what they include.

    Enjoy the combination of entertaining learning videos and a wide variety of interactive exercises.

    Have fun as you discover and learn with LinguaTV!

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