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German Pronunciation

Allemand    A2-B1     10 Leçons      approx. 500 Exercices  

Learn German phonetics and improve your pronunciation along with your listening comprehension by means of our useful tips and tricks.



Spoken language is very important in a succesful conversation, and for this reason pronunciation is more important than grammar. This pronunciation course gives you the chance to improve your german phonetics, no matter what your mother tongue is. By means of several learning videos you will learn different sounds, along with intonation and prosody. What syllable gets the stress in German words? And what is the right pronunciation of the sounds ä, ö and ü? What does German prosody sound like? You will get an answer to all of these questions right here.

Watch the amazing tricks and repeat the sounds that you hear, so that you can improve your pronunciation whilst playing. You can then practice it in the exercice-section. Speaking German is fun!

En bref

  • 10 lessons with 23 phonetics videos
  • Approx. 30 hours of learning
  • More than 500  interactive exercises and learning games, such as multiple choice, video quizzes, and much more
  • Relevant phonetic and pronunciation tipps
  • Subtitles and transcripts that can be shown or hidden
  • Online vocabulary
  • Learning resources available for download
  • Vocabulary word list
  • Learning Management System with Progress Control and Recommendations for your Learning
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