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Spanish - Intermediate

Spaans    B1     20 Lessen      approx. 550 Oefeningen  

Join us on a journey through the Spanish speaking world: Practice your Spanish language skills on intermediate level with LinguaTV's video stories.



In our course "Spanish for intermediate learners" we take you on a journey through the Spanish-speaking world: Join us from Madrid to Buenos Aires to La Habana, while enjoying Cuban music, learning Spanish phrases and taking dancing lessons in Argentinian tango. Thus you learn to expand not only your Spanish vocabulary, but also get to know the country, culture and people.
Besides the LinguaTV learning videos we offer many interactive exercises that help you train the new words and phrases in an entertaining way.

Quick Facts

  • 20 lessons: dramatic videos with realistic dialogues
  • approx. 60 hours of learning
  • over 550 interactive exercises and learning games, such as crosswords, video quizzes, and many more
  • authentic scenarios and relevant vocabulary and important phrases
  • subtitles and transcripts to aid understanding, which can be shown or hidden from view
  • integrated online dictionary just a double-click away
  • learning resources available for download
  • glossary
  • learning management system with progress control and recommendations for your learning
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