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German Grammar A2

German    A2     16 Lessons      approx. 800 Exercises  

Grammar made easy: Practice german grammar on the level A2 for advanced beginners.



You would like to feel more confident when using German grammar? In this case, this A2 Grammar Course is exactly what you need. Here you learn and repeat the rules of German grammar in an entertaining way: watch the illustrative tutorials and practice what you have learned with interactive exercises. This course offers to deal with topics of German grammar in a goal-oriented approach on the level A2.


  • Repetition: Pronouns, Nouns and Articles
  • Konjugation and reflexive Verbs
  • Adjectives: Declination and Comparation
  • Cases: Dative and Accusative
  • Past Tense: "Perfekt" and "Präteritum"
  • Subjunctive - Imperative
  • Sentences: Main- and Subordinate Cluases, Relative Clauses
  • Active and Passive - Prepositions

Suited for: Participants with basic previous knowledge of German Grammar.

Quick Facts

  • 16 Grammar-Units with Tutorials from both A2 courses
  • about 53 study-hours
  • more than 800 interactive exercises and games
  • relevant vocabulary
  • option of showing or hiding subtitles and transcripts
  • integrated online dictionary
  • Grammar overview available as download
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