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English on the Phone

Engleză    B1-B2     10 Lecții      approx. 400 Exerciții  

English conversation practice: Train your English conversation skills on the phone.



We offer you the opportunity to prepare yourself for targeted and relevant types of telephone conversation. Our video training presents authentic telephone conversations based on important themes from the professional world, such as the coordination of appointments, dealing with booking requests, and placing and taking orders. Familiarise yourself with basic conversation structures and you will learn how to use the English language in a confident manner.
Try it out and improve your "Telephone English".

Suitable for:

  • Participants with good prior knowledge of the English language
  • People working in a variety of areas (e.g. administrators, secretaries, assistants)
  • Management and management trainee staff with international responsibility

Date despre chestionar

  • 10 lessons with dramatic videos
  • Approx. 30 hours of learning
  • Extensive video coaching for business communication on the telephone
  • Over 200 interactive exercises and learning games, such as crosswords, video quizzes, and many more
  • Authentic scenarios and relevant vocabulary
  • Subtitles and transcripts to aid understanding, which can be shown or hidden from view
  • Integrated online dictionary just a double-click away
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