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German for Upper Beginners 2.2

Немецкий    A2     Лекции: 18      заданий: approx. 1400  

Improve your German with original videos, grammatic tutorials and many exercises.


Информация о продукте

Katja and Alex are becoming closer. Who knows, maybe Alex will turn out to be a true prince who saves Katja from dangerous situations?
Between magical encounters, however, the two are still confronted with everyday situations that are sometimes more or less encouraging: On the up side, there is some cooking and a pleasant interview for Katja. On the down side, join Alex as he experiences that when dining in a restaurant anything can happen...
You can also find out what about a fridge betrays a person's character!
In part two of the A2 course you will learn new grammatical structures and relevant vocabulary.

Suitable for: Participants with low/basic German skills.


  • 18 lessons with dramatic videos
  • Approx: 68 hours of learning
  • Over 1400 interactive exercises and learning games, such as crosswords, video quizzes, and many more
  • Authentic scenarios and relevant vocabulary
  • Subtitles and transcripts to aid understanding, which can be shown or hidden from view
  • Integrated online dictionary just a double-click away
  • Learning resources available for download
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