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    German - Advanced Intermediate 4.2

    Немецкий    B2     Лекции: 17      заданий: approx. 850  

    Complete the B2 level and be sure and skillful in all areas of the German language.

    Информация о продукте

    Experience the German culture and accompany you Juliane, Claudia, Stefan and Martin in the park, the restaurant and other exciting places.
    Listen to them talk to each other about the past and friends, sing together, argue and discuss.
    Acquire the ability to understand even complex and abstract texts and topics and be able to express yourself spontaneously and fluently in detailed German.
    Learn vocabulary and grammar on a wide range of topics. The development of new vocabulary and grammar structures is done with the help of illustrative coaches and tutorials.
    Newly acquired words can be gradually included and trained in exciting exercises of that topic. Different skills, such as reading, listening and writing can be improved individually and together.


    • 17 lessons with dramatic videos with realistic dialogues and video tutorials
    • Approx. 56 hours of learning
    • Over 850 interactive exercises and learning games, such as multiple choice, video quizzes, and much more
    • Authentic scenarios, relevant vocabulary and important phrases
    • Subtitles and transcripts to aid understanding, which can be shown or hidden from view
    • Integrated online dictionary just a double-click away
    • Learning resources available for download
    • Glossary
    • Learning Management System with Progress Control and Recommendations for your Learning


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