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LinguaTV – we watch languages!

Learning languages with LinguaTV is fast, easy and efficient. LinguaTV provides you with many interesting videos and a worldwide language learning community.

A vision and its realisation

LinguaTV was formed in 2006 by Sandra Gasber and Philip Gienandt, in order to make a new and fascinating idea come true: The combination of learning videos and a worldwide community for learning languages. A simple, but successful concept, implemented in cooperation with experienced language trainers, media instructors, internet specialists, filmmakers and actors.

The power of moving images

LinguaTV represents a new, efficient and entertaining way of learning languages and training your communication skills. True to the saying “A picture paints a thousand words”, LinguaTV utilises the power of moving images and makes use of the advantages of audio-visual content for training. Users can choose between the videos and interactive exercises, such as quizzes, crosswords and many other learning games. The analysis of the individual’s learning level shows each user his own learning progress and gives special recommendations.

Efficient and practical

At the centre of LinguaTV’s concept is a series of professionally produced training videos, which show in authentic situations how native speakers use each particular language. With realistic dialogues the viewer can learn vocabulary which is above all relevant to real life, as well as the correct pronunciation. At the same time, the videos show special cultural aspects of communication and explain complex aspects of the language, such as the grammar, which is far easier with a video. In addition, a film appeals to many of the viewer’s senses und leaves a more powerful impression than text-based learning material. All of this has a positive impact on the user’s motivation and learning success.

Fast and Easy

In this way, LinguaTV opens up a whole new dimension for its users to individually and flexibly absorb information. An extensive and modular range of training videos and interactive exercises makes it possible to learn languages as one wishes: quickly and without difficulty. Another feature is the ease of use. To use LinguaTV, one simply needs a multimedia PC or laptop and an internet connection. LinguaTV’s programmes are purely browser based, which means that no installation of software is required.

Any place - any time

Today’s demands for an efficient and flexible training experience are met particularly well by the fact that participants can learn wherever they are and whenever they want. Whether at home, at the office, or out and about – LinguaTV is available everywhere, 24 hours a day.

Time and money saving

At the same time, LinguaTV’s customers also save time and money that would otherwise be spent travelling to and from other language course providers. The time saved with LinguaTV can be invested much more productively in learning the language.

Multiple award-winning

With this concept, LinguaTV has won a number of international prizes in a very short space of time: the World Summit Award 2009, awarded by the United Nations (UNESCO) for the worldwide best electronic content in the category “e-learning and education”. LinguaTV won this prize competing against 20,000 companies from across the globe. In addition, LinguaTV won the German Prize for Internet Television (IPTV-Award 2008) und received the distinction “Highly Commended” from the 76-person jury of the European Medea Awards.

Proven and popular

Numerous highly renowned education establishments and companies are already convinced by the quality of LinguaTV’s content and by the efficiency of its training methods. Leading language schools are also starting to use LinguaTV’s multimedia content in their classroom teaching. Amongst LinguaTV’s clients and partners are, for example, Ernst Klett Publishers, Cornelsen Publishers, the German Chamber of Commerce, the German Hotel and Guest House Association (DEHOGA-Berlin), the hotel chain Intercontinental, and more. Furthermore, LinguaTV is used by private customers from over 170 countries – from Argentina to Zimbabwe.

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